High quality replicas for museums and cultural institutions

At ReplicArt we replicate museum exhibits, archaeological excavation finds, art objects such as sculptures and free forms, busts, sarcophagi and epitaphs as well as producing replicas for art and culture education. Our clients are museums, research institutes, church associations and artists in Germany and abroad.
We combine highly professional 3D scanning and manufacturing processes with expertise in innovative and material-specific surface treatment. Visually, our replicas are indistinguishable from the original. On request, we adapt replicas, give them a new size, make them lighter and more robust or reconstruct them to their original state. Everything is possible.
At ReplicArt we have a large number of remarkable reference projects and look back on many years of experience. Learn more about us and our services as well as about the  various functions and strengths that replicas today bring to the exhibition and cultural sector.

Our range of services

ReplicArt combines high-precision 3D measuring and manufacturing methods with expertise in reconstruction and restoration.

The bundling of the competences of the Berlin-based companies TrigonArt and Schulz-Restaurierung under the umbrella of ReplicArt enables the professional production of extremely high-quality replicas for museums and cultural sites - at any desired location and in the shortest possible time.

  • High-precision, non-contact and object-friendly measurement using 3D scanning methods
  • Innovative 3D manufacturing processes
  • Expert knowledge in the field of restoration
  • Faithful reconstruction and imitation of surfaces
  • Extensive knowledge of materials and readiness to experiment
  • Diverse and international experience

Team & Network

Thomas Bauer (Dipl.-Ing.)


ReplicArt Corpus Construction

3D measurement, analysis, 3D reconstruction and manufacturing



Anette Schulz (Dipl.-Ing.)


ReplicArt Surface Construction

Architect and restorer of wall paintings and architectural surfaces



Since 2012 we have been focusing on the production of high-quality museum and exhibition replicas. At ReplicArt we have the expertise, high-precision techniques and a professional network of partners, service providers and freelancers. This enables us to deliver high-quality and holistic implementation.

We manufacture in our studio in Berlin. The digitalisation can be done directly at your site.



Dorfstr. 10 b

13059 Berlin

Tel: +49 (0)30 | 346 603 30 oder

+49 (0)30 | 346 620 62




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